Pros and Cons of Leather furniture


When you decide on buying furniture for your home or office, it is a big thing to decide what material would best suit your needs. There is a wide variety of furniture available in the market. Leather being the leader of all such furniture it has its own dignity and name. Even in leather, there are a lot of variety based on material thickness, color, durability, cost etc.  To choose leather over fabric for your furniture you should first understand the pros and cons of leather furniture.


Durability – Leather furniture last long. This is one of the merits of leather which should never be neglected while buying modern furniture made from leather. Durable products, in comparison to those, are cheaper than that are not. Usage is easier when the product is durable since you will have peace of mind when you use leather for which cleaning is easy. The leather is often resistant to dirt, spillages, chemicals (a few), doesn’t fade away and a good leather rarely gets worn out.

Maintenance – It is very easy to maintain leather furniture. A good leather will last for at least 5 years and more with minimum maintenance. Simple cleaning agents may be used to clean leather. Just some soap with warm water and a clean cloth is sufficient to clean any leather furniture. Spillages can be easily wiped off from Danetti leather products in comparison to fabric where cleaning such spillage is tedious.

 Comfortable – Furniture using leather can be designed to comfort you for long in them. They look sophisticated and add style to your living room or office. A leather furniture with an ergonomic design can talk a lot about that Can An Interior Design Blog With 100,000+ Readers Make Money ... your status and lifestyle. A good leather furniture can be kid friendly and pet-friendly too. Make a style statement with leather furniture.


Cracking and spreading – A leather furniture is made up of animal skin which tans gradually. This will hence lead to cracking and spreading of the furniture or upholstery. You might have to use some special conditioners to avoid cracking and prolong spreading. Just like what happens with human skin as we age, the same holds fro leather too. Hence using conditioners can make your furniture more durable.

Expensive – A good leather comes with a cost and so it is expensive. Even maintenance costs are more. Though cleaning is easy, tougher stains need professional cleaning which is expensive. Some manufacturers specify particular cleaning agents for better maintenance of leather. You just can't expect durability with any local cleaning agent/conditioner. To buy the best, you need to save some penny.

Heat Generating – Leather is not suitable for hot areas. It is very good and comfortable as long as you are in a place which is air conditioned. Otherwise, sitting on a leather makes you uncomfortable since it generates a lot of heat.

Space -  If you have a really tiny space then you cannot accommodate a leather furniture because they are usually bulky and consume a lot of space. The design, cost, color, smoothness et al are worth it only in a large area. Never think of buying leather if you don’t have space.

Storage – Since leather furniture is bulky it is difficult to store if you are not using them for a while. You need to follow proper procedure to store them. Should keep the leather away from heat and dampness. You just can't leave it wherever when not in use.


With the above Pros and Cons, depending on your needs you may want to or may not want to buy leather furniture. If you can afford the best leather along with its maintenance costs, then you can decide to buy it for a luxurious living area or bedroom or office. Romantic suites are more expressive with leather. But all this comes at a cost and hence it is important to have a budget and know the proper maintenance procedure for your leather furniture to last long. Chairs, sofas, couches, bedsides etc can all be customized to your requirement and there is a variety of leather for such designs. You have to choose wisely and buy what suits your requirement. A good furniture should be able to make you comfortable.